I started my journey in photography in a home darkroom at the age of 14. I was captivated by the magic and process, both with the camera and in the darkroom. In college I discovered graphic design and fine art printmaking, specifically lithography, both of which rely heavily on process. After receiving a bachelors of fine arts from the University of Wisconsin I returned to the PNW and continued to create bodies of work through these different mediums. Most recently I completed the Certificate Program in Photography at the University of Washington.

I like process. I like telling a story. I like the beauty of a message. But most of all I like to cause a person to pause for a moment and reflect when they had no intention to do so.

I love finding those moments of surrender, when the superfluous smiles have disappeared and the mind wanders. And then there is a moment when your attention comes back to me, that’s an honest moment. That’s a moment worth remembering, a moment worth recording.  Thaddeus Hink 360.770.4528 or