Oh Summer, Where Did You Go

The rain has begun, it now feels like summer is making its exit in earnest. It seemed short this year, a missed opportunity that slid silently out a side door when no one was looking.


August brings continued warm weather at first but by the end there is chill in the evening. By the end of the month the rain starts to spit and begins washing the green from the leaves.


I remember the warmth of summer when jumping from inner tube to inner tube with cousins on a hot afternoon in a green Minnesota lake. Of sunsets on the saltwater after setting crab pots for a morning catch. Of cousins running through the fields of grass, soaking the warm sun and taunting each other with light hearted play. When we stumbled into the Smith River on a hot August afternoon before dropping into the giant redwoods, the river caressing us like a mother stroking the head of her boy as he sleeps blissfully, his head in her lap. When we joined my longtime childhood friend for his impromptu wedding in the lower valley, his son entertaining us with his water balloon antics in the backyard while the August sun warmed every bit of us, soul to sole.


I like to capture summer moments. Moments that can’t be staged or contrived in the studio. Moments of innocence and authenticity. Moments that cause me to linger in my memory as much as anticipate the season next year. Moments that remind me when I was young, when my boys were young, moments of being in the moment, moments that I dream of having with my grandchildren when my back is crooked and my lip quivers when I smile.


This is what summer feels like to me. Farewell my golden friend, I look forward to our next visit, it feels overdue already.